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SEO Myths which You don't need to Fret About

Article | CODEDB.NET - APEX TECHNOLOGIES (November 11, 2017 4:58 pm)

SEO is a magic tool, a secret wand of SEO professionals that lets them spin the magic to increase search engine ranking of client websites. This is totally wrong! This is one big myth along with many others that need to be shattered to realize the real SEO activities and subsequent benefits. It is a completely technical and planned activity done by SEO Sydney professional like any other aspect of web development projects. There are many SEO service providers in Sydney who will let you understand the real SEO. Here is an effort to free you from SEO myths once and for all.

Buy Once Use Forever

This is the biggest misconception that limits the benefits of SEO. Opposite to this belief, SEO is a process that needs to be done on a regular basis so that a website is updated to handle clients and, competition while generating business opportunities and connections. Search Engines algorithms are updated from time to time making them complex, better and more selective. As a web administrator, your website must be ready to handle unexpected updates of algorithms by keeping a tab on in-house SEO process.

Trade of Tips and Tricks

Contrary to popular belief Search Engine Optimization is a thoroughly planned, executed and managed exercise. Being street smart is good but not while doing SEO. No shortcuts will work here. A web administrator has to search keywords, a basic element of SEO. After searching it is highly important to perform analysis and assessment of the keywords that make business content relevant to be searched. It is a completely professional activity undertaken by SEO professionals.

Page Rank is SEO

Page rank is one aspect of SEO along with other goals like customer-specific compelling content to increase the business experience and attract high value traffic. It is basically meant to enhance conversions while giving a better experience to the visitors, improving content and presentation. It is a gradual process to evaluate chances of clicks and revenue.

Keyword density is Irrelevant

The density of keywords is as essential as keywords in SEO process. I would say that it is one of the necessities for good SEO. Keywords in the content must be just of the required quantity, neither less nor excessive. Popping up of keywords every now and then in the content will make your visitors lose interest in the core content. A keyword in must appear anywhere between 10-25 times in a 500 words content.

SEO is expensive

Everything that is done for certain benefits and quality comes at a price. If you are aware of the benefits in return of planned SEO, then you will agree that SEO is not expensive. It makes your business reach the desired clients and returns huge revenue if SEO is done properly.

SEO Returns are Immediate

However efficient is your planning and implementation of SEO, expecting immediate results is not the right premonition. It is just like a business policy that shows results only after a certain period when the clients show faith in the policy. You have to wait for up to six months get the desired results. It is all about patience, persistence, planning and SEO algorithm adaptability that will work in your favour and let you get there.