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How Office Coffee Systems Increase Productivity

Article | Coffee Shrine (November 30, -0001 12:00 am)

You can supply your employees with a quality espresso, latte or cappuccino with using office coffee machines to boost morale and effectiveness. Today’s hectic lifestyle is a fact of life in our society. More and more companies are downsizing and employees are being overworked. This is the perfect breeding ground for stress, and fatigue. It goes without saying that these types of issues can bring to a business trying to increase their productivity while reducing cost; if you are an office manager then this probably sounds familiar.

There are hundreds of employers and office managers who are wondering how they can create a workable environment that is pleasant and lively without compromising the work on hand. One of the simplest methods is the use of Caffeine! It has been shown to increase productivity and improve the ability to focus, based on the study from the Journal of Nutrition. There are employees who bring their own beverage to the office because it doesn't have the gourmet quality you would find at a coffee shop or at home from their espresso maker. However, it would make sense to have Saeco coffee machines that make a rich cappuccinos, lattes or mochaccinos.

A researcher recently presented their findings of a study analyzing coffee consumption at the work place. The results confirmed that employees who have access to commercial coffee machines at the office are more appreciative and think that their employer actually cares about their well-being. This leads to an improved mental state and increased level of productivity. The researcher also concluded that employees prefer office coffee machines that offer more variety. This makes perfect sense since people are known to get bored with the same old drip coffee maker.

You only need to visit any modern corporate to realize that millions of employees are burning the midnight oil in order to reach their targets. This means that on a normal day, very few workers will take a break simply because the workload is such a huge one. The trouble with this kind of setting is that in general, it affects the overall effectiveness of your workers in getting the job done, but more importantly getting the job done without affecting customer satisfaction.

All this can change if you install commercial coffee machines and you will start seeing changes. First and foremost you will see more interaction between employees and an improved outlook on their work environment. This will reinforce the research findings with regards to how office coffee machines positively affect employees. Sometimes the little changes within your daily environment can make a big difference on how you get through your day! This simple cost effective solution is a win for employees and a win for employers.