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Top Health Reasons to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Article | Parramatta Green Dental (November 30, -0001 12:00 am)

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There are many dental hygienic things like brushing and flossing every day, having dental checkup every six months, etc., all we can do to keep our teeth healthy.

But when it comes to wisdom teeth, you need to consider a lot. As you think, it’s not necessary for you to get your wisdom teeth removed if they are correctly positioned in your mouth and do not cause any pain or dental problems. In certain cases, the removal of wisdom teeth is utmost important, because our mouth are just too small to room all our teeth to grow, and they become jammed which cause many dental problems. This is why wisdom teeth removal is considered as the important dental treatment.

So what are wisdom teeth? Keep on reading…

Wisdom teeth are the third and last molars which appear on each side of the upper and lower jaws. They are the final teeth to erupt. These wisdom teeth usually appear when a person is in their early twenties or late teens.

What Dentist Recommends?

Wisdom teeth that partially emerge or grow crooked can lead to disease and painful crowding. Since wisdom teeth removed before age 20 have less developed roots and fewer complications, the emergency dentist Parramatta recommends that people between 16 and 19 need to evaluate whether their wisdom teeth is to be removed.

Twelve Health Reasons to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

1. Since there is only limited space for wisdom teeth to erupt and it is difficult to keep the surrounding gums clean, infection and inflammation are common. Research says that once infection takes hold on your wisdom teeth, it is almost impossible to eliminate the infection and it may spread to the nearby teeth.

2. Emergency dentist Parramatta suggests that oral infection associated with wisdom teeth may contribute to low birth weight infants.

3. Even though the wisdom teeth erupt, they rarely provide any meaningful function and it is difficult to keep the wisdom teeth clean always.

4. In some cases, impacted wisdom teeth develop some tumors and/or cysts. Removal of such injuries may require extensive procedures to repair and restore the jaw functionality and appearance.

5. Impaction of wisdom teeth with the adjacent teeth is also one of the reasons for wisdom teeth removal.

6. With age, the chance for complications related to the removal of wisdom teeth increases. So it’s better to treat early.

7. Inflammation and Gum disease associated with wisdom teeth may lead to deterioration of the jawbone, receding gum tissues and tooth loss.

8. Wisdom teeth may contribute to crowding of nearby teeth.

9. Even though if wisdom teeth seem to be problem-free, it remain a breeding ground for inflammation and oral infection. Dentist Parramatta supports the concept that such infection may enter the bloodstream and contributes to the development of a variety of diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even leads to stroke.

10. Broken teeth as a result of trauma

11. Early removal of wisdom teeth helps faster and easier recovery. So once it has been determined that a wisdom tooth will not successfully erupt, go for wisdom teeth removal process without delay.

12. Peace of Mind is the very important reason for removing the wisdom teeth.

Take Rest after wisdom teeth removal

After wisdom tooth surgery, you will need complete rest for 2 or 3 days. The effect of the anesthesia will take nearly 24 hours to disappear completely. The day after the effect of anesthesia fades, you will feel uncomfortable to perform normal activities. So it’s better to schedule time off from your work or school, to correspond with when you'll be recovering from wisdom teeth removal.

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