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What is Resoomer

Article | Resoomer (November 30, -0001 12:00 am)

There are a number of people who need the use of a summary tool, but those in academic professions and students especially stand out. If you are looking for an accurate and easy to use summarizer that can analyze and summarize argumentative texts and articles, you might want to try out Resoomer.

Resoomer offers you a space to enter in your text and can handle more than just English. You can also get summaries of any argumentative text that are in German, Spanish, French and Italian too. You can paste in the text and with just an easy and simple one click you can get a summary. But that is not all. You can then use features like the Manual button where you can then define whether you want a smaller summary, you can get something that is as small as 10% of the original text and then as much as 90%. You can also analyze the text which will then highlight for you the most important sentences in the summary it gave.

Resoomer is a text summarizer that saves you so much time. It gives you a chance to more quickly understand important articles and text and then be able to use them in your syntheses. But as well as being great for those in education it could be used by journalists, writers, editors, publishers, readers and more.

You can also choose to download the extension it offers and with that you can summarize online. Or if you decide to go Premium and pay a small fee you can get the added advantages offered such as;

• Being able to summarize 200,000 characters not just 20,000
• Getting the browser extension included with no limits
• Having a document import option rather than pasting it in
• Unlimited text summarizing
• Web PDF summaries
• Ad-free

• No installation
• No texts are kept, everything is confidential

Take a look at this summary tool and see what other happy users have to say about Resoomer!